ProVision: Cricket

Developed in partnership with TruMedia Networks, ProVision is OptaPro’s innovative analytical tool for reviewing performance across all three formats of professional cricket.


Video Integration

Opta data is synchronised with delivery footage that can be downloaded and shared as a playlist, providing users with an additional layer of context to further enhance analysis.

Pitch maps and spray charts

Key insights into individual batting and bowling performance, including shot selection, productive lengths and strike rates, are displayed visually in various interactive graphics and tables.  

Global coverage

Ball-by-ball data is captured consistently across every Test, ODI and T20 international fixture and in 14 domestic club/franchise competitions worldwide.

Performance database

High-level performance data, covering key batting, bowling and fielding criteria, can be analysed, filtered and compared across multiple competitions over several seasons.

Customisable reports

Detailed reports incorporating player, team and role-specific metrics that can be created by analysts and exported, downloaded and shared with colleagues.

Driving innovation in analysis and recruitment

By allowing coaches and analysts the ability to review performance based on format, competition, venue, game state and extensive batting, bowling and fielding criteria, ProVision is at the cutting edge of data analysis in professional cricket.