About Us

The world of professional sport is constantly evolving, with every team wanting to ensure they are prepared to win the next game, recruit the best talent and meet longer term objectives.

OptaPro provides data, analytical insight and cutting-edge technology to support over 350 professional teams across performance analysis, recruitment and strategic planning.


Applied Insight & Intelligence

With a suite of products powered by market-leading Opta data, OptaPro applies insight and intelligence to enhance performance and inform decision-making.

Working directly with senior management, directors of football, department leads, analysts, scouts and academy staff, OptaPro is at the core of elite sport.


About Stats Perform

OptaPro is part of Stats Perform, a global provider of sports content.


With over 1,500 employees in over 30 countries, Stats Perform brings an unmatched depth and breadth of data, research, news, analytical content and unrivalled AI-powered solutions to clients around the world.


Stats Perform’s operations are built on a foundation of technology, providing content with speed and accuracy, and in more detail than anyone else.  

Our History

Scout7 became part of OptaPro in October 2017.

OptaPro formed in 2012, having developed a specific set of tools powered by market-leading Opta data to meet the unique challenges faced within professional sport. While Opta has been collecting data since 1996, OptaPro's expertise lies in the application of data, ensuring that over 350 clubs from around the world can make more informed decisions across player recruitment and performance analysis.

Before becoming part of OptaPro in 2017, Scout7 formed in 2001 as a technology company that would ultimately professionalise the recruitment workflow of professional clubs. Scout7 specialised in qualitative side of analysis and scouting, creating bespoke templates, tools and resources which have become essential in many clubs’ analysis processes.

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Partnerships & Integrations

OptaPro has partnered with some of the leading names in the sports analytics industry. This collaborative approach ensures that this industry is supported throughout the entire analytical process.

TruMedia Networks

A leading software developer with a strong background in MLB and the NFL, OptaPro and TruMedia partnered to create the award-winning ProVision tool, a leading analytical platform supporting clubs with recruitment and performance analysis.

21st Club

A strategic partner to OptaPro, 21st Club work at the boardroom level across professional football, helping them to make smarter, more efficient decisions.

SBG Sports Software

Opta data can be integrated within MatchTracker, the live match analysis tool used across professional football.


Through their physical TRACAB data, ChryonHego are the leaders in the real-time player movement tracking. This physical data is synchronised with Opta event data to provide a complete analysis system.


Opta data can be integrated into Hudl's SportsCode. This allows users to import Opta match events directly onto the SportsCode timeline in real-time. With the key events covered this allows users to focus on their subjective game analysis.


Nacsport’s Opta import feature makes it quicker and easier for coaches to carry out successful performance analysis workflows as they will have readily analysed data and videos to use with Nacsport’s extensive video analysis and review tools.


Mediapro provide MediaCoach in association with the LFP to all 42 Spanish La Liga and Segunda teams. The MediaCoach system allows teams to search panoramic video via Opta events and provides detailed match statistics using Opta's unrivalled ball event database.


As part of its industry partnership with PFCA, OptaPro works closely with the League Managers Association, providing members with valuable data insights relating to performance, development and long-term squad succession planning.

Professional Football Coaches Association

OptaPro is the title partner of the PFCA. Each year OptaPro is actively involved in various PFCA member events, including conferences and technical coaching clinics, providing insights into how Opta data is enabling coaches to review team performance and player development.

Birkbeck, University of London

OptaPro is working with Birkbeck, University of London, to support their MSc in Sports Management and the Business of Football through integrating a football analytics module within the programme.


A leading supplier of VR technology and applications, Opta data is integrated within this tool, used to enhance training and reahbilitation programmes across professional football.

Dectech Sports

Dectech Sports use Opta data to power mathematical models designed for extensive football analysis.

The Sports Office

Rugby clubs can access Opta data via The Sports Office's centralised data hub, and football clubs can also access Opta data alongside a club's sports science, medical, scouting and training data.


UNFP is the French Professional Footballers’ Association, who represent thousands of members playing professionally around the world. OptaPro provides UNFP with support for its ‘UNFP FC’ initiative, which helps disengaged members find new clubs each summer.

The Professional Football Players Observatory

CIES regularly produce some of the most detailed player transfers and squad composition studies available. OptaPro provides detailed statistics to complement the report and power their performance indicators.

AnalysisPro Ltd

Opta data can be integrated into the AP Viewer app to enhance performance analysis and increase productivity in video analysis.


MediaLab specialise in the development of cloud-based storage and content sharing services. OptaPro and MediaLab partnered to create the ProMedia tool, which allows clubs and federations to manage and share their high-definition video footage with coaches and players.


Xeatre are OptaPro’s video content partner, providing footage that is integrated into various OptaPro products. Specialising in football and cricket, Xeatre supply full match footage from major competitions played across 85 countries worldwide, which is indexed in platforms with time-stamped Opta data.