Developed in partnership with TruMedia Networks, ProVision is the award-winning analytical tool from OptaPro.


'Create your own stat'

Personalised metrics, specific to performance and position, can be built to analyse players that meet specific criteria relevant to recruitment profiles and positional KPIs.  

Customisable reports

Detailed reports incorporating player, team and position-specific metrics that can be created by analysts and exported, downloaded and shared across the club.

Advanced metrics

Key insights into playing styles, quality of chances and on-field decision-making can be derived from Opta’s advanced metrics, which can inform and influence a team’s tactical approach. 

Video Integration

Opta data is synchronised with match footage that can be downloaded and shared as a playlist, providing users with an additional layer of context to further enhance analysis.

Performance database

High-level performance data can be analysed and compared at individual match level, as well as across multiple competitions over several seasons.

Driving innovation in analysis and recruitment

Winner of Best Elite Performance Technology at the 2018 Yahoo! Sports Technology Awards, ProVision is revolutionising how clubs analyse performance through intelligent analysis, facilitating informed decisions to enhance match preparation and long-term scouting strategies.


"ProVision allows us to quantify aspects of a player’s skill set and tendencies in significant detail, which is a great help for us to support our decision making in recruitment"

Pablo Ortells

Sport Director, Villarreal