ProPortal is a live data application, providing minute-by-minute analysis powered by detailed Opta data, enabling analysts to quickly identify trends and help inform in-game decision making.


Live Events

ProPortal records all on-the-ball events in a game, which are displayed and updated live through a host of visualisations, graphics and tables.

Pre and post-match analysis

Using information widgets, full season data is available at league, team and player level, informing the evaluation process as well as identifying opposition strengths and weaknesses.

Informing key tactical decisions

Powered by detailed Opta data, ProPortal allows users to monitor players and teams across multiple global competitions at a game-by-game and seasonal level, informing the evaluation process as well as enabling teams to better understand an opponent’s specific strengths and weaknesses.


“ProPortal allows us to objectively review each phase of play during a game as it happens, allowing us share vital tactical insights, in context, with the coach.”

Mervyn Murphy

National Performance Analyst, Irish Rugby Football Union