Every club is different with different philosophies, cultures, structures and objectives. ProConsultancy is an initiative that offers a range of services beyond the day-to-day that can support and inform decision-making at the highest level.



These detailed, customisable reports provide insight at team and player level. Print-friendly with integrated graphics, pre-match, post-match and player-specific reports are accessible that can inform the match analysis process.

Player shortlisting

Supporting recruitment processes, data-driven positional profiles with bespoke criteria can be produced by OptaPro's data science team, who quantify detailed information to create a global shortlist of suitable players.

Similarity analysis

This work can identify teams, domestically and abroad who play with a similar style. With the ability to profile teams by overall playing style, this approach can be applied to inform loan destinations as well as analysing team styles and player suitability.

Youth and academy services

Benchmarking developing talent through data collection can provide early indications of player development and inform the player pathway process.

Manager analysis

There is a lot more to analysing managers than their win ratio. Playing style, tactical approaches, in-game management and
recruitment patterns can be analysed to ensure that clubs select the correct head coach to meet their objectives.

Applied insights to inform performance and strategy

Through the delivery of services tailored to the needs of the club, ProConsultancy delivers contextually-based performance insights that inform team analysis, recruitment profiling and strategic long-term planning.