ProData Rugby

Available in raw form and delivered in real-time, market-leading Opta data captures every touch of every player, focusing on quality, consistency and breadth.


Live collection

Detailed match events are collected and distributed as they happen. A further post-match process takes place within 24 hours of the final whistle.

Global coverage

Opta collects detailed performance and core data from all major international and domestic competitions, across both codes.


Files can be pushed to an FTP or HTTP endpoint. A pull service is also offered via Opta's SDAPI.

Flexible integration

Seamless integration with analysis tools such as The Sports Office, SportsCode and NacSport.

World leaders in rugby data

Opta data has long been associated with quality, consistency and breadth of coverage in professional rugby. It is this detailed, reliable data that powers and underpins cutting edge analysis being undertaken by performance departments across both codes.